Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring Assignment

Marchet, my photography mentor, has been hosting a wonderful and informative photography club once a month. This month our assignment was to go out and get pictures of the beautiful Georgia spring. She suggested we get two picture types, one where spring is the main object and the other spring is the background.

This was a fun assignment; I was driving out of my neighborhood and saw this beautiful pink blooming bush. I drove home and got my daughter and took these wonderful pictures of her. The huge trick for me was getting really, really close. It took me a couple of times but as you can tell with the top picture it turned out well.

I am still working on spring as the main subject but it will come...hopefully. What I want to get a picture of is a spring thunderstorm. One of my favorite things about spring in Florida was the daily afternoon thunderstorms...loved them!! I guess I might be in the wrong state to get that picture.

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