Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter Weekend

Our trip to Tennessee went great. On top of having a great vacation with family, we got to go hiking. I got several great pictures of our Easter celebration and several pictures of our hiking trip.

When I got home my sister called me and said we should go into business together. At least this way I know she will have to be living in the same area as me(finally).

The first picture I love is one with an easter egg in a blossoming tree. The pink egg stood out perfectly, looking closely at the egg you can see the reflection of the house. My son, Barrett, ended up getting this egg, which also gave me some cute pictures.

The second picture I love was of this awesome barn that belongs to the family. The color and texture of this barn was amazing. When we were traveling thur east Tennessee all the barns were just amazing. I know it's a little odd to think barns could be amazing, but the colors and texture from aging is just undescribable. I want to take the summer and fall to go around east Tennessee and take pictures of barns.

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